He will learn... no king rules forever; only death is eternal!
                                                - Yogg-Saron

Warlock Tank It'll blow your mind.

This site is a mini compilation of informations about warlock tanks. You can find here, basic informations about rotations, videos, suggestions and links to important threads and guides on the topic. In upcoming days i will expand the site with informations regarding rotation and other related things.

Videos Links


Sparkuggz & Rix Tanking Garosh Hellscream FLEX

Same guys here Tanking Iron Jaggernaut

Method Warlocks Tanking LFR:

My video on lock tanking:

Another video on lock tanking patch 5.4

Niko's Guide to Warlock Tanking [Patch 5.4]

Warlock Tank Raid Testing The Spirit Kings 10m